Nyssa loves to tease the boys, in fact it’s the only thing she likes more is the feel of tight ropes against her skin, the tingling of electricity on her body, the impact of the cane on her melons and inner thigh.

Master always believed a pupil learn better by demonstration, so upon the completion of his short history lesson, Ten knew what was expected of her. This weeks update transports you back to the 19th century for a true Victorian punishment.

Gia discovers her love for the feel of leather and some hot mind blowing climaxes.

Nyssa loves to be flogged, the feeling of the leather caressing her skin made her shiver with anticipation. The feel of the collar circling her neck made her wet with desire. She begs her Master, please make me cum… will he comply?

Gia has always wanted to try an inverted suspension and today is her lucky day. With her suspension not even complete, her cunt is already wet in anticipation of what’s to come.

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