Aiden and I have a bit of a…well, secret relationship. Mom has no idea what we do when she’s gone. We were eagerly waiting for her to get ready and go to work, but she was taking forever. She said she wouldn’t be back until about five, so after she was gone, Aiden and I did what we always do. I unbuttoned his pants, and stuck his hard dong in my mouth. I ran my mouth up and down his penni, and joked about Mom catching us. It’s such a turn on to know that I can make my brother feel so good. After just a few minutes, I started to feel him REALLY throb, and I knew I was doing a good job. Little did I know, Mom forgot her car keys, and barged right back in! It completely caught me off guard. “! Plug, Fuck!” I ducked my head underneath the desk, and Mom was utterly shocked at what she saw. My brother tried to play everything off, saying that I dropped my pencil, but we both knew that she had caught us. I was so embarrassed that I just kept my head down, but she walked right over, and stood over the desk. She noticed my brother’s hard meat immediately, and then asked us how long it had been going on. I didn’t say anything, but my brother lied, saying it was our first time. She knew he was lying, and then directed her attention at me. I told her I didn’t want her seeing me like that, but she didn’t care–in fact, she had the intention of punishing me by making me lick his tool in front of her.

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