Dear Diary, Living in a house with 2 sisters it’s rare that I get any “alone time.” Whenever I do I tend to masturbate in the living room. There’s something about laying in Daddy’s spot and pleasing myself that makes me feel really naughty. I see myself licking his cock like a lollipop. The thought of Daddy nailing me doggy-style gives me such intense orgasms I have to wonder what it’s really like. Maybe one day I’ll find out… Love Lila.

Cherry: The other day my brother came in to talk to me. Apparently, when I was “convincing” Daddy to up my expenses for school, he saw us. I had no choice but to do what he wanted or he’d tell mom everything. I was a bit weirded out at first but when I saw the size of his tool I began to get turned on. He pounded me slowly until I got used to his size then he fucked me hard. He even came inside me! Hopefully I’m not going to have to explain this to Daddy.

Lilith: Daddy took me to the beach house over break. The first evening there I went in to thank Daddy and watch some TV. We started talking and I asked him for a sip of his drink. Daddy let me have quite a bit and then things got strange. My own father started hitting on me and groping my melons. I tried to resist but in truth it turned me on. Daddy was so different from my other boys and made my body tingle at his every touch.

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