Girls who are willing to admit that they are perverted freaks and down for anything are the best girls ever! Bibi Miami, petite, blonde, just 4’11” tall, and 18-years-old, is already a veteran of dozens of hardcore rough sex and BDSM scenes, some of which are right here. Callie Calypso, 22, a local girl like Bibi, asked us to film a threesome starring them and everybody’s favorite Master Bruno. Only a true master like Bruno can break a spirited pair of young women like these and turn them into submissive sex slaves.

Lots of good things come from Tennessee! Jack Daniel’s, country music and Bettie Page to name three, and now the gorgeous 19-year-old Alli Rae. Alli is a classically beautiful, blonde, Southern Belle with a dark side that she wanted to explore on camera, and we were more than happy to offer her up to the master for the day.

Kylie Rogue is a supah dupah fuhhhhreak with a big freaky clitori that’s just begging to be played with! She’s also got a hammering set of melons that look fantastic all bound up in a nasty rope harness and standing straight up. This scene’s got it all: slapping, spanking, orgasm training, toys, a ride on a big gnarly Sybian, Hitachi wands, and savage throat and finger stuffing!

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