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Soft and Creamy

“I love ice cream,” Karina said as she licked a bit of it off of her nipple. “It’s so cold and creamy. But I have never eaten it off my breasts before.” Hey, Karina, stick with us and you’ll do plenty of things you’ve never done before. “Milk keeps my breasts soft and creamy,” Karina revealed without us even asking. “I have found that the more ice cream and milk I eat, the bigger my breasts get!” That’s good news, and enough reason to keep Karina on a steady diet of ice cream. These photos and the video are favorites of ours because we get to see Karina outdoors, doing the kinds of things average girls do. Karina is no average girl, but she still acts like me and you. She’s no primadonna. And that’s good to know.

Date: December 8, 2021