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Straight to the ass

Robin is a rare kind of girl. She lets her guy go straight for her ass. No pussy fucking. The first and last stop is her asshole.

These shots are stills taken from the video, so they’re not as sharp as our usual photos. But you still get all the horny, raunchy anal you love to see.

Robin starts off with a buttplug inserted in her backdoor pucker. She might let a guy go straight for her ass, but she still needs to be warmed up. This dude even uses his mouth to hold the buttplug while he fucks her ass with it.

This isn’t a highly-polished photo set from a professional videographer. This is Robin in her room having dirty anal sex with a guy. She gapes for you. She cums for you. And she takes a load of jizz in her asshole for you.

Okay, maybe she does it for herself too.

Date: December 8, 2021