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We saved her elegant upper body for some more aching conditioning with a little blow job gauntlet. All she has to do is get the dick hard. From across the room. Holding a rock 90 degrees out from her body. Crouched on a vibrator. And talk dirty. Really, really dirty. This little blond really can spew some filth when she is cumming, but her merits truly come out when her mouth is wrapped around gimp’s peter.

The third scene she is tied up like a poke marionette, poised over a hard dick that she can poke all she likes, as long as she can keep her deportment. I don’t ask for much, but she still is flailing and begging within five minutes. I have to prod her like a creature at the zoo with my vibrator stick just to keep her upright. In the end she manages to go way beyond her thighs limitations and plug herself properly on the hard cock we chained down for her.

Farewell Amanda Tate, you now make one fine snatch slave.

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