Mandy tells Reuven that she rarely lets anyone kiss her on a first date, but he is so sexy and their chemistry is so strong, that she can’t resist keeping him. Keeping him, that is, in her bed, tied up and ready to play her games. Reuven is all for it when the game is about him getting his rod tongueed, but when Mandy reveals her own phallus, Reuven panics.
Mandy uses her slim, flexible body to pin Reuven while she screws his brown eye. Her pure enjoyment of pokeing Reuven is so obvious she can barely contain it. She flips him into her favourite position – missionary – so she can see his face grimace when she strokes deep in his brown eye. When Reuven jizzs, Mandy rubs it on his face and gives him a home run ass pounding until she is ready to pop in his mouth.

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